A report from the trenches seems to indicate a growing excitement by CVS, and presumably other corporate pharmacies like Walgreens and Walmart, to up the shot count. One immediately wonders how much they’re getting reimbursed per stab.

CVS corporate manager: “How many shots did you give today?”

Pharmacist: “You mean COVID?”

Manager: “No, I mean all of ’em. We want to be doing multiples in each patient. COVID, COVID boosters, flu, shingles.”

Yes, I’m creating a conversation based on hearsay. But the source is impeccable because she’s one of those folks who actually went into healthcare to help people. She…

“The extent to which you are able to recognize this is the extent to which you are unplugged from the partisan puppet show.” So said Caitlin Johnstone in a recent post.(https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL2108/S00055/serious-news-for-serious-people-notes-from-the-edge-of-the-narrative-matrix.htm)

I see this intensive awareness about and unplugging from propaganda streams as the key necessity underpinning our struggles for real freedom of speech and more importantly, for psychological liberation. The propaganda is dappertutto — everywhere, in Italian — derived from da per tutto (from all over). There is hardly a social interaction that fails to cleverly find a conduit into your brain. And don’t blame advertisers. …

Within the political debate over adequate infrastructure funding, there appears to be a major omission in the rush to define the most essential infrastructure needs. This is particularly true for mitigating long-deteriorating US infrastructure in the context of climate change. As a biologist, it seems pretty clear to me that soil is essential infrastructure. The most essential infrastructure, it could easily be argued, when we consider the ultimate need to feed a planet of eight-plus billion. We commonly include drinking water in that essential category, but maybe only because corporations can turn a profit from selling it. But one hears…

Well-done. A thorough look at why neuro-endocrine-immune networks are better characterized as neuro-endocrine-immune-microbiota nets. A reminder that any discussion of human physiology that ignores these network interactions is, by definitiuon, incomplete, and therefore, often misleading. Folks really do need to be continually reminded that the first internet was the physiological INNERnet. Networks of commuication at every hierarchical level of biology, from molecular to whole organism to ecosystem. We continue to dismiss these realities at our own peril. Thank you for a terrific look at this topic.

As far as I can tell — the data isn’t freely available — the extant approved COVID vaccines can protect you from serious clinical disease. They’re disease-protective or disease-preventive, but may not be not sterilizing. That is, they might not guarantee that you’ll be virus free. That you won’t still be able to infect others after you’re vaccinated.

In a theoretical sense, this could be a good thing, but in the practical world of current vaccine distribution ineptitude, it could turn into something far less salubrious for some unlucky folks.

The Different Flavors (Classes) of Antibodies

To get just a little technical, we’ll consider just two…

Although I voted Green rather than Democrat in the November 2020 US elections, I am glad Trump will go away. But much of the MSM should go with him. Their inability to perceive the inconsistencies and even hypocrisy in their own reporting makes them almost as dangerous.

There was one paragraph from the 11–07–20 Guardian that really illustrated this hypocrisy. For months, the paper has been touting its coverage of climate catastrophe and its positive initiatives in that arena. Yet the following paragraph revealed why that’s a bit of rubbish.


“Joe Biden has been elected the 46th president of the…

In The Shallows, Nicholas Carr discusses the possible — and documented — brain effects of web surfing, for example compared with deep reading of a traditional text-on-paper book. While it’s not my purpose to discuss his broad findings and ideas about the neuropsychology and neurobiology of the web, his themes seem relevant to the fundamental contrast-enhancing functionality of brain sensory systems.

Carr’s overarching theme is about distraction, or in other words, diversion of attention from one cognitive task to another available through following links or via the various feeds that Google et al. will gladly deliver to our attention. Anyone…

The QC (quality control) deficiencies frequently appearing in our consumption-driven economic system have insinuated themselves into the health care marketplace. And if you’re wondering why this matters, it raises the essential question of continuity and reliability of primary and specialist medical care. Are recommendations for each individual’s ongoing healthcare based on his/her medical history? Are they subject to any genuine QC? Or are they more of a knee-jerk by a digital algorithm without that analysis of medical history and other pertinent patient data?

Simply stated, it goes like this. Patient takes a blood test or other diagnostic test, and primary…

In her wonderful book, Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer writes, “For what good is knowing unless it is coupled with caring?” She also comments on a need for humility in our attempts to understand other species in Nature, incisively adding, “but while scientists are among those who are privy to these other intelligences, many seem to believe that the intelligence they access is only their own.”

Aspen Vista, Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico. The high-altitude forest that crowns the high desert.

Love or Lust?

As a grad student, a cell biologist in training, I first fell in love with the developing brain of a water flea embryo. I loved the detailed sophistication and complexity of an adult Daphnia’s…

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